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    Yesterday I went out in an (ultimately futile) attempt to find an e-book that didn’t make me angry. I failed*, but I found something much better: Batman patrolling the streetes of GothamDublin!

    She was very clear on being Batman, not Batwoman or Batgirl (my friend Spidey says “Always be Batman,” which I gotta agree with), and she also did a quite credible Christian Bale Batman impression. She was saying, “My family is DEAD!” in this photo. :)

    I’d caught a glimpse of her, and had thought her splendid, but I was going the other way, so didn’t stop to ask for a picture. Only then I heard someone say, “I just want to make people smile!” and I glanced over and it was her, and smile I did. She said, “See! I made that lady smile!”

    I said, “You made this lady think you’re awesome, and she wonders if she can take a picture of you.” Batman said, “Of me or with me?” so I got a picture with Batman. :)

    Apropos of nothing, a conversation with Ted a couple days ago, discussing the boy bands (The Wanted and Westlife) playing that night at Croke Park:

    Me: Eh. None of them is really my type, even if The Wanted weren’t all twelve. Neither is anybody in Westlife, for that matter. Boy bands don’t usually have my type in them, I don’t think.

    Ted: That’s because your type is in rock bands.

    Me: …*no argument*

    *Ted checked the battery on mine and now it all works again. Whew.

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    I do not understand how I can simultaneously want to GET RID OF CRAP and yet still have such attachment to much of said crap. Ted and I both gave up cleaning at the same time, having apparently reached some level of existential despair about the entire matter. We’ve made great progress, but we’ve gone past the point where it seems like it should all be DONE NOW THANK YOU and it’s not, so: existential despair.

    And just to be annoying, my e-reader seems to have gone on the fritz. Won’t reboot, won’t charge, won’t do much of anything but sit with a frozen screen (it’s a generic, your helpful fix suggestions will probably not apply, but thank you for the offer :)), and to be even more annoying, I would just flail and go buy a new one except the website won’t even let me. *headdesk* Books, I said grumpily, don’t do that.

    thinks for this week:
    – BYD proofs
    – send books

    thinks for later:
    – pcon website
    – get a skip
    – make an CSOR banner ad (not immediately, just soon)
    – put away baby clothes

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