I do not understand how I can simultaneously want to GET RID OF CRAP and yet still have such attachment to much of said crap. Ted and I both gave up cleaning at the same time, having apparently reached some level of existential despair about the entire matter. We’ve made great progress, but we’ve gone past the point where it seems like it should all be DONE NOW THANK YOU and it’s not, so: existential despair.

And just to be annoying, my e-reader seems to have gone on the fritz. Won’t reboot, won’t charge, won’t do much of anything but sit with a frozen screen (it’s a generic, your helpful fix suggestions will probably not apply, but thank you for the offer :)), and to be even more annoying, I would just flail and go buy a new one except the website won’t even let me. *headdesk* Books, I said grumpily, don’t do that.

thinks for this week:
– BYD proofs
– send books

thinks for later:
– pcon website
– get a skip
– make an CSOR banner ad (not immediately, just soon)
– put away baby clothes


  • Christine

    At the back of the BeBook is a small hole that you need to depress with a pin or paper clip for 5 seconds. This should reinitialise the ereader. Hope this helps!

  • Wendy

    Welcome to the Declutterer’s Event Horizon! I’ve lived here for several years and find it to be rather a nice place, once I got used to it. I thought I might leave the DEH once my kids moved out and took their things with them. Sadly, I have realized that:
    1. That might not happen for a really long time, even though they’re both in college, and
    2. Part of the problem seems to be my love of shopping. Who knew there was a connection?

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