Lily Pads

Kitsnaps: Lily Pads

All right, technically the lily pads themselves are rather back there in the distance, but I haven’t a clue what the lovely little yellow water-growing flowers are, so lily pads it is. I bet I have a whole series’ worth of near-focus flower images like this, now that I think about it…

Pretty In Pink

Kitsnaps: Pretty In Pink

Young Indiana and I went down to the Botanic Gardens a few days ago, and although the light was, er, raining, I rather liked this picture anyway.


Kitsnaps: Forget-Me-Not

One of the things I really thought I would miss, moving to Ireland, were some of the flowers. Forget-Me-Nots, fireweed, lupins. Only it turns out Ireland has all three of them, or something so very like them that it makes no difference to my untrained eye. The only flower I’m left to miss is Alaska Cotton, and I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to find it lurking around here somewhere.