Sunshine Yellow

Kitsnaps: Sunshine Yellow

More unidentified but cheerful flowers. Now I need to get myself out into the world to take more pictures, so the Kitsnaps don’t lag again…

Super Orange

Kitsnaps: Super Orange

If I’m clever I might go back before the blooms fade and find out what some of these flowers are, but, er, don’t count on it. They’re cheerful, though! :)

Birds of Paradise

Kitsnaps: Birds of Paradise

All the tropical flowers in the greenhouses at the Botanic Gardens are currently in bloom. I’ve never caught them in bloom before, and had a fairly wonderful time going through and taking pictures in the warm serenity of the greenhouses. Of course, this is one of like two pictures that I actually know what I was taking a picture *of*, and mostly I didn’t think to take pictures of the accompanying labels, either (primarily because it’s never really clear to me which label belongs with which set of plants unless…

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Kitsnaps: Tasty

I spent a fair bit of time chasing bees around flowers at the Botanic Gardens in late July, so there may be several photos like this over the next weeks. :)