I’ve had something go viral! I think ~160K reblogs qualifies as viral by anybody’s standards. #beams Look, I’m dorktastic, I knew that already, but it’s kinda cool to see something get so many hits. My previous-ever best was several hundred retweets when I bitched about being able to read faster than any news video so please always just GIVE ME A TRANSCRIPT. So this is neat. Also it makes me wish I posted more original content on Tumblr but I don’t so oh well. :)

the essential kit

universes collide

One of the people I ran into at the Star Trek party the other night was there with her sister. They were both in costume, and one of them, Susan, mentioned that RTE had interviewed them because RTE was all OOH YEAH SISTERS SO YOU’RE A FAMILY OF TREKKIES RIGHT and stuff. Next morning, another friend of mine, Carol, said, “Hey, my sisters are the first story on RTE’s coverage of the Star Trek party!” WHUT I had no idea they were related. The moment it was revealed, however, it…

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Last summer I bought a Spider-Man hoodie. I actually went in for a Captain America one, because I’d seen somebody wearing one and thought it was awesome beyond words, but they were sold out. (Oh look. Think Geek has one. *stares at it covetously*) Ahem. Anyway. But they had the Spidey one, and I’ve had a crush on Spider-Man since I was like three, so I got it. Yesterday I went to a performance of the musical my sister has written, directed and produced (! how freaking awesome is that?…

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Picoreview: Go see it go see it go see it RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO ALREADY Less of a picoreview: Look, I went in as Extremely Skeptical You Must Convince Me That Joss Is Not About To Make “Widow The Avengers Slayer” Lass. I do not believe I remembered past the opening sequence that I was supposed to be being skeptical or convinced. It’s a 2.5 hour movie that feels like a 90 minute movie. The pacing is awesome. The dialogue is great and not, thank god,…

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Kit’s Very Busy Day

I got up at 7:something, and by 8:20 I’d showered, cleaned the kitchen, fed the cats, and made a grocery list. By half eleven I’d made pancakes, gone shopping, and gotten started on the hellish site redesign that’s going to take days if not weeks of time. In between beating my head on the redesign wall, I entertained myself by making icons from ‘s Star Trek parody. There are SO MANY MORE I want to do, but this will do for a start. All text (excepting “adorkable”) thanks to Sarah…

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