CITY OF HEROES is back!!!!!!!!!

GUYS! GUYS!!!!! The ONLY MMORPG I have EVER HAD ANY INTEREST IN IS BACK!!!! My BELOVED superhero game, City of Heroes, has been resurrected as City of Heroes: Homecoming after TWELVE YEARS! Officially licensed from the original creators, NCSoft, with five servers up and running! I AM SO EXCITED I ACTUALLY KEEP TEARING UP, GUYS, I AM SO HAPPY!!! I loved this game! For those of you who don’t know, it’s an original-world superhero game that launched in (apparently) 2004, and was hugely popular, but eventually shut down in large…

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Here come the brides!

And grooms! Alaska will start issuing same-sex marriage licenses at 8am this morning, after US District Circuit Judge Timothy Burgess struck down the one-woman one-man amendment to Alaska’s constitution as illegal in a ruling yesterday afternoon following a hearing on Friday. This is not only a joy to me because it’s my home state, but because I have family involved in this case. I cannot wait to see pictures from the courthouse this morning. #sniffles all over everything

best wedding video ever

Wedding videos are not something I generally approve of, just because I tend to feel you were either there or you weren’t and if you were you remember and if you weren’t you don’t need to have it inflicted on you. This is a glorious exception. Thanks to Myles & Kate for the link.

Happiest thing ever.

This has got to be one of the happiest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life: 47 year old Susan Boyle gives a truly unexpected performance on Britain’s Got Talent. ♥