the essential kit

I keep thinking, man, I need to sort everything and clean everything and get it ready to pack. Really what I should do is sort and clean as I pack, thus killing three birds with one stone. It’ll be at least three weeks before we’re in danger of moving, and possibly a couple-three months, so […]

the essential kit

Our landlords stopped by a couple nights ago to say they wouldn’t be renewing our lease, as one of them wants to move back into the house. We were kind of expecting/planning to move anyway, but now we’re definitely moving. The nice thing is if we find a place before our lease is up they’re […]

There are two slightly older Irish gents in my back garden, wreaking order from chaos. This makes me indescribably happy. Ted and I don’t have the tools, time or inclination to do it or the front garden space up right, and these lovely men are doing all the work for an extremely reasonable price. Young […]

I just had one of those “Oh god, I’ve lost it all,” moments, when my writing computer sort of took a breath on start-up, and quietly shut down again. It booted properly the second time–and, in fact, I’d have lost maybe two chapters of work at most anyway–but you can bet your sweet tush that […]

Actual new words today! 1100 of them! Revising never feels much like new words, so I am triumphant in having achieved New Words. I am certain my old words were the wrong ones, so I hope these new ones are the right ones. :) I brought the list of things what need fixing over to […]