some icons

Yesterday /Lithera pointed out some new images from some noir thing Marvel is doing, so I’ve made up some icons from the images. Not sure I’m *entirely* pleased with them, but I like the banner a lot, at least, and maybe I like some of the others too. :)

mostly metrics

Quiet day today. Wrote 5200 words. Did not finish the book. Went to see Iron Man again. It stood up to a second viewing. Still dying for Pepper as Iron Maiden, plz. Want it on DVD so I can make more icons. Also watched Hellboy again. Love that movie. Have it on DVD. May make icons. :) Bed now. ytd wordcount: 192,200 miles to Minas Tirith: 390.9


I started making icons last night before “The Invisibles” came on tv, and came back upstairs to finish one off before bed after the show, and, er, note to self: I should not start making icons at 10 at night. I got to bed before midnight, but only because I forcibly turned the computer off. :) Iron Man icons, all from the trailers or promo shots, so no spoilers. They’re goodies for rhienelleth and for zootdingo, mostly. :)

100% geek, coming up

I have remembered that making icons was going to be one of my hobbies. I actually really like making them, even though I’m not nearly the artist some people are. That’s okay. Iron Man icons behind the cut.