release day!

THE QUEEN’S BASTARD is out today. Fine bookstores everywhere should be selling it. I talk quite a bit about the nerve-wracking aspect of this book over at Magical Words today, and Joshua Palmatier invited me to participate in his author introduction series…where, it turns out, I talked about the nerve-wracking aspects of this book, albeit in a *slightly* different way. :) I should be less nervous, maybe. It’s my tenth book, which you’d think would settle my nerves some in and of itself. It’s gotten some really nice reviews (money…

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After a very frustrating day of sitting there doing nothing, as related on Magical Words, I managed to shake off some of my stupor and get 2200 words written. I finished this wretched chapter, which more or less shoves everybody into at least the same geographical area, and leaves me with nothing more to do than juggle fifty thousands words of politics against the backdrop of what is effectively a world war. I need my head checked. ytd wordcount: 140,600

not a productive day

I’m feeling better, but today’s productivity was limited to re-reading the last 75 or 100 pages I’ve written, as apparently three days off with a head cold threw me further out of the story than I might’ve hoped. On the positive side, either the book hangs together so far or I’m too close to it to see what an utter and miserable failure it is, so I’ll take what I get. I’m not really quite well yet, and I think it’s still affecting my brain. :p Email from my edit…damn.…

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