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Really, I have a list of things to write about and apparently no time. OTOH, I’ve reached 21K on “No Dominion”, so you can perhaps see where my efforts are going. This week I’ve seen both “Haywire” and “Shame”, both of which I’ll write a picoreview of soon. At the moment, all I’ll say is last summer I couldn’t remember or pronounce Michael Fassbender’s last name and now I’ve seen much more of him than I might ever have reasonably expected to. :) Walking down Henry Street (one of the…

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still wibbling

Still wibbling over that coat. I probably won’t buy it, but I put it in my shopping basket so I could pretend, precioussss. (And aww, jeez, they have the beautiful geometry skirt in a blue which, if it is accurately represented, is pretty much my favorite shade. But what the bloody hell would I do with a dramatic sateen skirt?) Today was at least nominally a good writing day. I got about 3700 words done, and I think most of them are the right words. I hope so. I’m getting…

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aw, man

Aw, man, that awesome velvet frock coat is on sale and available in my size. Well, if I was a bit thinner it’d be in my size, anyway. *wants*