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Really, I have a list of things to write about and apparently no time. OTOH, I’ve reached 21K on “No Dominion”, so you can perhaps see where my efforts are going.

This week I’ve seen both “Haywire” and “Shame”, both of which I’ll write a picoreview of soon. At the moment, all I’ll say is last summer I couldn’t remember or pronounce Michael Fassbender’s last name and now I’ve seen much more of him than I might ever have reasonably expected to. :)

Walking down Henry Street (one of the two major shopping streets in Dublin) to the film last night, I was struck back to back by the comfort of being an anonymous face in a large crowd, being one of hundreds or thousands making their way through the darkening evening, being one of an innumerable mass of stories…and the utter loneliness of being an anonymous face in a large crowd. I immediately thought I should write a literary fiction novel called ANONYMOUS which would no doubt chronicle the life or lives of just such a handful of people, whose lives might or might not intersect, and in the end presumably nothing would have changed except we would all have a deeper understanding of the plight of the human animal. It would become a NYT bestseller, score a blockbuster movie deal starring Zoe Saldona, Scarlett Johansson and Helen Mirren, and people would cry buckets through the whole thing.

Except I’m sure somebody’s done it already, and I doubt I could keep it up for, oh, say, longer than the above paragraph. :)

I had a wonderfully informative discussion with my editor about pre-orders, bestseller numbers, and other interesting things a couple days ago, and need to turn that into a blog post soon too.

I have done something weird and painful to…I don’t know the name of the muscle. The one on the inner arm that runs up to the middle finger. I suspect this is some kind of carpal thing going on from lifting Young Indiana in some fashion, but I haven’t figured out how to stop/do it differently yet. Anyway, it hurts, and stretching/massaging it doesn’t seem to help. :p

Patience paid off! The J Peterman equestrian coat went down to $158! I have purchased one. I think getting to wear it will be my reward for losing about 8 pounds. Sigh.

I must have one of these workstations. I MUST HAVE ONE.

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