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    a live blog of the solstice

    wrap gifts
    put tree together
    hold my head still so snot doesn’t swirl around & make me dizzy
    work on leah’s comic

    so far i’ve:
    emptied dishwasher
    cleared wrapping table
    gotten laundry going
    fetched wrapping paper
    located indy’s gifts

    have now:
    wrapped, if not ribboned, indy’s gifts

    must now:
    store them
    find ted’s gifts
    wrap them
    eat something besides sugar cookies

    have now:
    found ted’s gifts
    disovered i hadn’t [redacted]
    proceeded to [ redacted ]
    wrapped MOST of his gifts despite delay
    did not shower
    ate fudge

    have now:
    cleared away evidence of gift-wrapping
    did another load of laundry*

    *by which i mean there is a giant pile of unfolded clothes in a chair

    have now:
    got child from school.
    bought honey for hot toddy.
    lost pokebattle at gym.
    ate some real food.
    cleaned kitchen.

    Do Something about the tree soon…

    have now:
    left house, got stuff for dinner
    made dinner
    lit solstice candles


    must still
    tidy, vacuum, possibly rearrange living room
    put tree together

    have now:
    tided, vacuumed & rearranged living room

    …still need to fold a huge chairful of laundry…

    do not believe i will get to leah’s comic tonight. i may, however, get to that hot toddy…

  • Daily Life

    busy day

    Ted was off work today, so I brought the boys to the zoo, got them in on the family pass that has my name/picture on it, and went off to town to work.

    And work I did. I answered the critical emails that were piled up in my inbox and managed to triage another 500 or so. (And I still have 800 left, gah.) I spent time actually unflagging things because right now Gmail thinks EVERY EMAIL is Important, and I want to be able to use that feature for actually important things if I need to.

    Halfway through the day, Gmail updated itself to its new format, which I acually will find potentially quite useful, though the first thing I wanted to do was add tabs of my own, which it won’t let you do. I’ll have to train it to recognize work stuff as ‘primary’, I guess, and everything else as social or promotional. It’s doing well with promotional already, really.

    Anyway, so it was a good day. There’s plenty more to do, but I got a satisfying amount done.

    Wow. This thing with Nic Cage & Ron Perlman just came on TV. Season of the Witch. In its first ten minutes or so, it’s pretty much proving itself to actually be worse than you’d expect something with Perlman & Cage in it to be, which is saying quite a lot.

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    I have had a busy damned day.

    Biked to the gym this morning (yay, hardly any bike butt!), swam, stopped to make a hair-trim appointment, came home, went to to get my hair trimmed (this time they did the back exactly how I wanted, shaved at a #2 setting, and entirely fucked up the rest of it. I said I was trying to grow the top out to the length around my ears and she trimmed all the top stuff and didn’t trim it over my ears at all. Now I look like I have layers, which I freaking hate, and it’ll be at least four or five months instead of two or three before it’s anywhere close to where I want it to be. Why is it so goddamned hard to get a decent haircut?), went shopping, came home, went shopping at the other store, came home, spent an hour raking the back garden to great effort but very little visible effect (there’s a huge pile of straw by the fence, so that’s visible, but the garden looks pretty much like it did before), came in and cooked dinner.

    I believe I will go take a shower to get all the sun screen, dirt, sweat and shorn hair off me, then spend the remainder of my evening watching a double-header feature film presentation, possibly of “Ever After” and “The Replacement Killers”. Because that’s an obvious combination. :)

    I gotta say, though, the Chinese doctor guy apparently knew whereof he spoke. He told me I had a water imbalance which caused my asthma (which he said wasn’t asthma, that it was a water imbalance *laughs*, but he obligingly referred to it as asthma), and gave me these foul-tasting little black herbal pills to help correct it. I have this wheeze that catches me up when I’m doing vigorous activity (or when I lie down to sleep) and I’ve had extremely, extremely dry eyes when I wake up in the morning for ages. Both have disappeared, the former so much so that I find myself inhaling and *expecting* my breath to catch and being surprised when it doesn’t. I was very VERY surprised while I was out raking and flinging bits of dust and hay and dirt around to not once be caught breathless, particularly since the wheezing is always worse in the summer so I tended to figure it was allergies. Anyway, now I seem to be able to breathe and it’s awesome! And now he’s got me on foul-tasting little white pills to help reduce tension in my shoulders and they appear to be helping, too. Who knew?

    miles to Minas Tirith: 417.9
    ytd km swum: 46.7

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