I have had a busy damned day.

Biked to the gym this morning (yay, hardly any bike butt!), swam, stopped to make a hair-trim appointment, came home, went to to get my hair trimmed (this time they did the back exactly how I wanted, shaved at a #2 setting, and entirely fucked up the rest of it. I said I was trying to grow the top out to the length around my ears and she trimmed all the top stuff and didn’t trim it over my ears at all. Now I look like I have layers, which I freaking hate, and it’ll be at least four or five months instead of two or three before it’s anywhere close to where I want it to be. Why is it so goddamned hard to get a decent haircut?), went shopping, came home, went shopping at the other store, came home, spent an hour raking the back garden to great effort but very little visible effect (there’s a huge pile of straw by the fence, so that’s visible, but the garden looks pretty much like it did before), came in and cooked dinner.

I believe I will go take a shower to get all the sun screen, dirt, sweat and shorn hair off me, then spend the remainder of my evening watching a double-header feature film presentation, possibly of “Ever After” and “The Replacement Killers”. Because that’s an obvious combination. :)

I gotta say, though, the Chinese doctor guy apparently knew whereof he spoke. He told me I had a water imbalance which caused my asthma (which he said wasn’t asthma, that it was a water imbalance *laughs*, but he obligingly referred to it as asthma), and gave me these foul-tasting little black herbal pills to help correct it. I have this wheeze that catches me up when I’m doing vigorous activity (or when I lie down to sleep) and I’ve had extremely, extremely dry eyes when I wake up in the morning for ages. Both have disappeared, the former so much so that I find myself inhaling and *expecting* my breath to catch and being surprised when it doesn’t. I was very VERY surprised while I was out raking and flinging bits of dust and hay and dirt around to not once be caught breathless, particularly since the wheezing is always worse in the summer so I tended to figure it was allergies. Anyway, now I seem to be able to breathe and it’s awesome! And now he’s got me on foul-tasting little white pills to help reduce tension in my shoulders and they appear to be helping, too. Who knew?

miles to Minas Tirith: 417.9
ytd km swum: 46.7

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  1. Where does one go to find out if one also has a water imbalance? I hate trying to breathe and do anything else in the summer.

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