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    Me: Can I beguile you with some cake?

    Visiting friend: Oh, no thank you, I’m more a brownies kind of pers–is that German chocolate cake? LET ME RECONSIDER MY HASTY DECISION

    Friend, later: As is always the case with everything that Catie bakes, IT WAS THE BEST GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE I HAVE EVER HAD.

    Me: I’d say you flatter me, but it’s probably also true. :)


    Delivery fella just dropped off a big box of stuff. “Big boxes are usually for men,” he said, “plastic bags with dresses, things like that, are usually for women.”

    I said I usually got big boxes of stuff, but I didn’t think to quip, “The dresses, those would be my husband’s,” until 2 minutes too late. #damn


    The other night Young Indiana ran all the way up the stairs to his bedroom without giving Ted a kiss first. I said, “Indy, come back down and give Daddy his kiss.”

    “But how did you KNOW I didn’t?” he demanded.

    “Because I’m a supergenius,” I replied. “My IQ is over 130. I’m very clever. Now come down here, poor Daddy is all sad and has nothing to hug except this,” and my brain failed me for the word ‘banister’ and I concluded, somewhat less than brilliantly, with, “stump.”

    Ted and I spent the next five minutes giggling helplessly while Indy said, “What’s funny? What’s so funny? Did I do something funny?!”

    Ever so slightly in my defense, I’d thought of and rejected the word ‘banister’ because it was actually the newel post, the correct name of which I could not recall, that I was referring to. But that didn’t make it any less funny. “SUUUUUUUUUUUPERGENIUS,” said Ted, as we giggled.


    Couple days ago a cabbie said “Typical woman driver!” of a woman who was making a bad driving decision. I said “What an incredibly sexist thing to say. How about you never say anything like that in front of a child again.”

    He said “But did you see what she was doing!”

    I said, “Bad driving is not gender related and it’s sexist and arrogant to say so.” #seethes


    I tell you what, I’m gonna have a Methos Manor House Weekend at some point. I have not yet decided if I’m going to make attendees wear period costumes or just pyjamas. (The general response: period pyjamas! alternating with “dress up as different Peter Wingfield characters.” :))

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    stolen phone

    My phone was just stolen. And it turns out that although I had it insured, I did not, apparently, have it insured against theft or loss. I could have sworn I did, but it’s not in the policy I’ve got, so…fuck.

    So, guys! Support my crowdfund! You get fudge and I get a new phone… :}

    It had been such a nice day up until then, too. The worst part is I don’t have the photos on the phone set to automatically upload to the cloud and I’d been thinking literally yesterday that I needed to upload them and now, well. Fuck.

    (eta: I called my local garda, who suggested I hie myself over to the station in the area it was stolen and report it, because they only keep CCTV for 48-72 hours. I had not thought of CCTV at all. Guess I know where I’m going tonight.

    eta2: went to the garda, did everything we could, odds are poor that i’ll get the phone back, but we’ve tried.)

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    Mint Hot Chocolate

    I was downtown this afternoon waiting for the bus, and I saw one of the women who works at the cafe I usually get a hot chocolate ate. She said to me, “You were at the Bon Jovi concert! I saw you on the big screens and I thought, OMG, it’s Mint Hot Chocolate!” *laughs and laughs*

    Mom and I went to Ikea before that and spent about 300 hours there in 90 minutes. I got a lot of things I needed for the new house, though now they all need to be put up and away and etc. The list of things to do seems to be getting longer instead of shorter, somehow. Mglghg.

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    Kitsnaps,  Snapshots

    Kitsnaps: Convention Centre Dublin View

    Convention Centre Dublin View
    Convention Centre Dublin View
    Convention Centre Dublin View[/caption] I’m not absolutely sure this should qualify as a Kitsnap, but what the heck. I was in Dublin’s new convention centre a while back, and this panorama is one I took from an upper floor, overlooking the docklands.

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    Laydeez Do Comics

    Last night Maura McHugh and Lynda Rucker launched the inaugural Laydeez Do* Comics event in Dublin. It was an enormously successful launch, with 3 excellent speakers (Sarah McIntyre, Alan Nolan and Maeve Clancy) and around 15-20 attendees. I saw people I knew, met new people, and met some people who knew me. :)

    As always, going and talking to people about comics makes me desperately want to do them. In my copious free time. *agonize* I have this ever-growing pile of script ideas, and just aaguuuugh! I know people who would draw for me, if I could just get scripts written! Waughghgh!

    Of course, all three of the speakers are writer/artists, which makes me feel like I should be DOING WEB COMICS AND PRACTICING DRAWING. (No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. There’s probably a medical term for it, though.) And of course I think “God, no, it would be too humiliating to show my pathetic drawing skills,” but then I think of the first page of Questionable Content compared to today’s strip and I think well, that’s no excuse… Anyway, my personal neuroses aside, it was a terrific evening and I’m very much looking forward to the next one in September.

    Oh. *laughs* Also, I brought homemade gingersnaps, which I figured would go over well, but I wasn’t expecting the rhapsodies I got. I was asked for the recipe twice. And I heard someone ask who’d made the cookies and someone else responded, “The woman in the front row with the long hair,” which is just so not how I ever imagined myself being described… :)

    *Ladies do, not Lazy Do, which is how I persist in reading it… :)

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