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those people are MAKING ART!

Yesterday morning as I was working in Starbucks, I noticed a woman introducing herself to a man who’d just arrived, primarily because she used the immortal and ear-catching words, “I’m the writer.” I spent the next hour or so alternating between writing and evesdropping as three more men showed up and were introduced. Someone took out a laptop and showed a video. Great delight was expressed. Enthusiasm grew. The project was discussed. A crowdfunding project was in the works. I was sitting there twitching and going “THOSE PEOPLE ARE OVER…

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Kitsnaps: Dublinia Footbridge

Once in a while we go out and do a night shoot. This is the Dublinia footbridge, a medieval bridge that connects Christchurch (directly to the right of this photo) to, er, whatever the Dublinia building used to be. Well. I mean, it still connects it, but probably in Days Of Yore, the building across the street did not house a history-of-Dublin tourist thing. :) Ten-second exposure or so, which I had to shoot several times to get a really appealing set of vehicle lights going under the bridge. :)

Ocotocon 2012

The weekend was spent at Octocon, which went very, very well, I thought. I finally got to meet Liz Williams, of whom I’ve been a fan for years and an LJ-correspondent for–well, fewer years. :) She’s a lovely woman, and it was absolutely fantastic to get to hang out with her a bit. I shanghaied her on to at least one, possibly two, panels, and I thought not only they, but all the others, went fairly well. Also, I apparently said something brilliant during one of them (or at least,…

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