The Old Races: Aftermath


Margrit Knight has debts to pay. Watch the Negotiator aftermath unfold in these five new stories of the Old Races!   Read more here!

BYD review

I don’t normally link to reviews, but then, I don’t normally have a limited edition collection of short stories that I’m all nervous about coming out, so I shall point you at this review of BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER, which is generally a nice one. The reviewer had a completely legitimate problem with one of the stories–I sort of never imagined people who hadn’t read the Negotiator Trilogy would be reading BYD, and the story the reviewer was uncertain about is the flip side of something that happens in the trilogy.…

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Having gotten my office sorted, I need to figure out what to do with the greenhouse I’ve built for my orange tree. It turned out larger than I expected, so it doesn’t fit as nicely on a corner of my desk as I thought it would, which means basically it takes up the Entire Desk. Which means I can’t use the desk for much of anything else, which is inconvenient now that the desk is nominally useable. :) So hrm. Also removing a bookshelf means I have removed a top…

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My head is going to explode of squee. :) Revisit the world of the Negotiator Trilogy and learn how it all began… Four hundred years ago, the master vampire Eliseo Daisani and the dragonlord Janx fell in love with a human woman during the Year of Miracles–the year London burned. This is her story. Available in fine e-stores everywhere on July 1! *mutter* I love that cover copy, but it needs more to it. *mutter* Tara O’Shea has done herself (and me and my collections!) proud with these covers, I…

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*clears throat*

Happy BIRTHDAY to US! Happy BIRTHDAY to US! Happy BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTHDAY dear Esmerel, Silkblade, Fahri, Novella, Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, Superman and MEEEEEEEEEE! Happy BIRTHDAY TO US! For my birthday, I offer you the opportunity to go buy THE OLD RACES: ORIGINS short story collection! (I know, I’m so thoughtful. :)) at Amazon at Barnes & Noble At Smashwords at (PDF only) Why PDF only at, you ask? After all, don’t I get basically ALL the money if you buy it direct? Well, yes, I do. But if you…

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