indulge me.

I should be writing, but I’m going to indulge myself with a brief blog post, first. At least, I hope it’ll be brief. I have a variety of cool things in my office, but probably the crowning glory is the shelf of books I’ve written. I get great satisfaction from just sitting here looking at them all in a tidy row. But there’s also a significant part of me which puts each new book up on the shelf as it arrives and thinks check!…okay, where’s the next one? This is…

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movie meme & new year thoughts

Nabbed from : Supposedly if you’ve seen more than 85 of the 239 films on this list, you have no life. Copy this list, then put x’s next to the films you’ve seen, and add them up. I tag anyone who wants to play. Have fun.

Happy New Year

May 2009 be a better year in all respects than 2008 (even if you’ve had a very good 2008!). (eta at 11am the next day: Oh darn. I forgot this thing didn’t propagate to LJ if it was set to post ahead, so my friends-list didn’t come up with a 12:01 ‘happy new year’ for everyone. oh well. Happy New Year anyway. :))

just a note

Just a brief note to say I have just reached 270,000 words for the year, officially putting paid to my last year’s total wordcount, which was 269K. And it’s only the 12th of July. o.o That is all.