I just got the rough cover for DEMON HUNTS, book five of the Walker Papers, due out in June 2010 (and book four is out in three weeks! Yay!). ZOMG. I wish I could show this off to you right now, because it’s going to be amazing. Wow. Wow! Yay! I believe I have a new favorite cover! Holy crap, speaking of covers, I just saw the cover to the twelfth Dresden Files novel. Holy *crap*. If you’ve been paying any attention, the Dresden Files always have two word titles,…

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thinks I’ve done

Today involved a lot of walking back and forth, digging in the dirt, and knitting. We have now got All The Plants (raspberries tayberries black currants cherry tree rhubarb sage rosemary thyme strawberries), and they are All Planted. Now we shall see if we get any FROOTS and BERRIES from them. We had dinner at Mom & Dad’s, and then while Ted and Dad watched a match on tv, Mom taught me to knit. I am apparently not entirely bad at it. I did 11 rows on a simple knit…

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off to minas tirith!

I had an email this morning asking if the local newspaper could run the picture of Seirid and Breic with their snowman in this week’s paper. That’s cool. :) *laughs* From a fitness rules thing on msn.com: “[Forget weighing yourself.] Place your fingers on your belly and inhale deeply so that it expands. As you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles and push your fingertips against your hard abdominal wall. Now pinch. “You’re holding pure fat,” says Tom Seabourne, Ph.D., co-author of Athletic Abs (Human Kinetics, 2003). Do this every day,…

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first words of the year

Well, the first words of the year have been committed. 1500 down, 268,500 to go. Also, I think my pedometer is under-counting my steps. *grumpy* ytd wordcount: 1500 miles to Dunharrow: 106.8

movie meme & new year thoughts

Nabbed from : Supposedly if you’ve seen more than 85 of the 239 films on this list, you have no life. Copy this list, then put x’s next to the films you’ve seen, and add them up. I tag anyone who wants to play. Have fun.