thinks I’ve done

Today involved a lot of walking back and forth, digging in the dirt, and knitting. We have now got All The Plants (raspberries tayberries black currants cherry tree rhubarb sage rosemary thyme strawberries), and they are All Planted. Now we shall see if we get any FROOTS and BERRIES from them.

We had dinner at Mom & Dad’s, and then while Ted and Dad watched a match on tv, Mom taught me to knit. I am apparently not entirely bad at it. I did 11 rows on a simple knit scarf and while my stitches are inevitably a little too tight, it’s at least not bullet-proof. I’ll do more tomorrow. :)

I also seem to have lost my pedometer. I’ve walked through my backwards mind and can only come up with one place where it might’ve fallen off, so I’ll stop by the shop tomorrow and see if they’ve found it. If not, I hope there’s someplace in Longford that sells them, as I’ve become rather neurotically attached to the darned thing.

miles to Minas Tirith: 108

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