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    Actual new words today! 1100 of them! Revising never feels much like new words, so I am triumphant in having achieved New Words. I am certain my old words were the wrong ones, so I hope these new ones are the right ones. :)

    I brought the list of things what need fixing over to the estate agent today, but it turns out that we also don’t know how to turn on the furnace/get hot water at the house, so I’m going to have to stop by again tomorrow, or call, and say, ‘Help!’

    …I must have this wig. Obviously. *shakes a tiny fist at Kate*

    ytd wordcount: 209,500
    miles to Minas Tirith: 505

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    Well. I went forth to buy some summer clothes today, and spent over two hours shopping, which is my personal idea of hell. Moreover, I didn’t like much and what I did like I couldn’t afford, with the exception of a linen dress which had a broken zipper on the one size that fit me. That sucked.

    Ted, however, cleaned up, as I picked up the new D&D books for him and also found THE SPOOK’S MISTAKE, which must’ve just come out Tuesday. So at least that was a win.

    And I had lunch with Kate, which was very pleasant. We geeked a lot, and eventually stopped at the goth shop to see if we could find anything irresistible. I found some very long white clip-in hair thingies, and on the logic that I might someday grow my hair out again, bought a couple for a non-bleached Rogue stripe. But I have to get rid of the red at the bangs before I start growing it again, I think…

    I was walking down the stairs a couple of days ago with HOUSE OF CARDS and THE QUEEN’S BASTARD in my hand and had a real moment of surreality: I wrote these books. I do this for a living. Buh!

    thinks to do tomorrow:

    – CB AFS
    – email jason the edits
    – work on “frwl”

    miles to Minas Tirith: 490.1

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