Wonder Woman yeets a tank. Yeet it all, sez I.

Wonder Woman’s gonna break $800m next week

I’ve been–I don’t think I’ve been doing it on the blog, but on Twitter and my FB page I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on Wonder Woman all summer long. I’ve seen it five or six times in the theatre (including infamously flying to Liverpool to take my friend Leah to it to make sure she’d see it when her husband didn’t particularly want to!). I’ve been watching it break record after record–it was the biggest opening for the first weekend in June ever, it’s the biggest female-led, female-directed movie…

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Matthew Dow Smith's 13th Doctor

The 13th Doctor: It shouldn’t matter, but it does.

Carrie Fisher. Robin Wright. Gal Gadot. Daisy Ridley. Melissa McCarthy & Leslie Jones & Kate McKinnon & Kristen Wigg. Jodie Whittaker. It shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter, but it goddamn well does. You know why I chose the women I did, up above? You know why I didn’t include Weaver & Hamilton & Theron on that list? Because Ripley and Connor and Furiosa were given to us. They were put on the table by filmmakers who said either “it doesn’t matter if this character’s a woman or a man,” or…

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Jane Foster

A friend of mine over on FB wants to go see Thor again and there was a discussion about it that I didn’t read, except one comment stood out to me, when he said he didn’t much like Jane Foster. I love Jane Foster, and said so, and he wanted to know why. This is why: Because Jane is a female character who is unabashedly intelligent and never portrayed as anything less than attractive. Because she has entirely realistic giggly googly-eyed reactions to gigantic blonde men without shirts. Because she…

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Has DC done something stupid today?

Yes. Almost always, yes. This week, DC has seen the creators of the incredibly-well-recieved Batwoman title walk off the job due to editorial flip-flopping and the ultimate, unexpected-to-the-creators, decision that Batwoman would not ever be seen marrying her long-time partner Maggie. They appreciate that it’s someone else’s sandbox and editorial has the final call, but the decisions they’re seeing are coming at the last minute, after years of plotting and planning–plotting and planning which editorial had to be involved in, so it’s not like the creators sprang “Hey, let’s marry…

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Wonder Woman by Meagan Marie


The course of my social media morning: I see an image of a duck in a Batsuit, with BATFLECK across the top, and an image below of it of a horrified Batman. I am mildly amused and keep scrolling. I see “They need another Batman for the underserved white male demographic. Can’t you feel their pain?” I put the those two things together and think “…nah.” Then I see someone say “Ben Affleck, Batman? What cruel parallel world have we entered?” after which the friends list and follow list and…

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