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    & that’s a wrap

    I’ve just finished up the copy edits on STONE’S THROE, my Spirit of the Century pulp fiction novel for Evil Hat Productions. I believe it’ll be out to the backers in quite short order, and available for general purchase not *too* long after that.

    I kinda love this book, guys. I think you will too. It’s full of ridiculous good swoopy pulpy fun, and I’m really glad I got a chance to write it.

    And now I am going to go do the Ice Cream Dance of Celebration! :)

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    office reclamation

    Some months ago we rearranged all the bedrooms so that our son wasn’t in one next to the road. What was his bedroom became the office, which has been…problematic…ever since.

    I have, to some degree, reclaimed it now. There’s almost enough room to set up my captain’s chair, anyway, and since I am once more hopelessly, murderously behind on where I want to be with writing, it would be nice to get that set up again. We will not talk about the cost of reclaiming the office to other rooms in the house.

    Speaking of writing, I’ve gotten the final revisions for STONE’S THROE, my Spirit of the Century pulp fiction novel that I’ve had so much fun writing. I hope this wee book flies on little pulpy wings right into the hearts of readers, because honestly, I wouldn’t hate the opportunity to write another one. :) I gotta ask if/when I’m allowed to post some teaser chapters for you guys!

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    almost there!

    I’m working on revisions for STONE’S THROE, and have successfully revised the opening chapters into vast improvement. Better yet, though (because I’d always known what I needed to do with those chapter), I’ve figured out what I need to do to fix the other problematic part of the book, and am now proceeding to do that.

    I’m all curious how many readers here actually participated in the Kickstarter to get this (it was the Spirit of the Century project 2 years ago, and how many are waiting to buy it when it comes out. I think people are going to enjoy it hugely and I can’t wait for it to get into your hot little hands!

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    & it’s off!

    STONE’S THROE is off to Evil Hat, which means, barring edits on it and SHAMAN RISES (which are due Monday) I’m out of contract.

    Normally this would be a terrifying time in a writer’s career, but I’ve got some irons in the fire; my Guildmaster Saga, the YA novels I’ve been working on, are being shopped around, and I’m looking at Patreon to do a MAGIC & MANNERS crowdfund. So those are cool things, and we’ll see how they go. Everything else is longer term (like, y’know, stuff I’m planning for February) and therefore not worth thinking about right now. :)

    In the meantime, I’ve written 35K this month. Another measly 15K and it’ll be a Nano…

    Tonight I intend to catch up on 2 episodes of Beauty and the Beast. I may also eat popcorn and ice cream. *nods seriously*

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    boom: it’s a draft

    Ten days and 35K later, STONE’S THROE can be called a draft. It’s a god-awful mess and needs serious revision, but the draft is done and the rest can be fixed. By Wednesday. @.@

    Actually, there are parts of the book I’m happy with, and it came in at the wordcount I was aiming for, so I’m okay with that. And, er, I actually find that having finished it, I’m kind of hoping for the chance to write The Further Adventures of Amelia Stone, so I guess we’ll just have to see how the book does. :)

    Um. Yeah. That’s all for right now, I got nothin’ else. Sherlock soon!

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