almost there!

I’m working on revisions for STONE’S THROE, and have successfully revised the opening chapters into vast improvement. Better yet, though (because I’d always known what I needed to do with those chapter), I’ve figured out what I need to do to fix the other problematic part of the book, and am now proceeding to do that.

I’m all curious how many readers here actually participated in the Kickstarter to get this (it was the Spirit of the Century project 2 years ago, and how many are waiting to buy it when it comes out. I think people are going to enjoy it hugely and I can’t wait for it to get into your hot little hands!

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6 thoughts on “almost there!

  1. I supported the Kickstarter and I’m looking forward to STONE’S THROE. :)

    1. oh cool! You’ll be one of the early recipients, then, not that you didn’t know that already. :)

  2. I am looking forward to reading anything that you write. One of the few authors that I purchase all of your work and am never disappointed.

  3. waiting waiting… didn’t know about the kickstarter on account of I didn’t know your writing until two years ago… and huh..Facebook… I hate that thing… never going to have an account…

  4. I feel comfortable with Kickstarter and have supported a few projects with them. I participated in your recent project with Patrone and did not feel as comfortable with that. One issue for me is I do not want to read a book a chapter at a time. I want to read the whole book. I am willing to wait and am looking forward to Stone’s Throe and will indeed buy it as soon as it is available. ( I am in total agreement with Jolienne McAnly) As a side note. One really nice thing about electronic publishing is that authors can sell short stories and/or novella as a stand alone. The reader does not have to wait for a collection to come out that includes the short story by a favorite author.

  5. For what it worth …I would rather do a lump sum than support a writer than pay by the chapter.

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