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    dribs & drabs

    Or possibly dirbs and drabs, as I typed first…

    We had a nice day in to Dublin, though in the end we’re not sure either of us actually wanted WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER (I thought Ted did, he thought I did), so I don’t know, maybe I’ll do a give-away of it or something at some point. Dropped by Sub City, where I picked up the last of the X-Men graphic novels that’ll get me more or less caught up to the current storyline. Read K.E. Mills‘ THE ACCIDENTAL SORCERER, which was quite enjoyable, on the train. More importantly, though, I latched onto Ted’s brain and extracted ideas for not only the sixth Walker Papers novel, but also “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, which is starting to come together pretty nicely now. I may have to spend some time working this afternoon, in fact, to get the ideas written down so they don’t fall out of my head. And so I don’t spend time during the week writing those ideas down when I should be doing revisions.

    Whilst in Dublin we saw an advert for tall ships in Belfast the 2nd weekend of August. That would be pretty cool to go up and see, and there’s a bus that goes through Longford up to Belfast. In theory, anyway. The Bus Eireann website will not, of course, load for me right now. *sigh*

    There’s a knitting group starting up in Longford. It’s called Knitwits. On general principles I feel I should join, ’cause that makes me laugh. :) But it’s apparently going to be meeting from 2-4pm on Mondays, which is dead in the middle of Word Wars. *squinchy face*

    Arright. I have to go run a couple of errands.

    As soon as it stops raining.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 480.5

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    funny ted

    Yesterday morning at about five to seven, or possibly five to six, I half woke up and had this idea for book titles in my head. I’d even gotten a cover image (which to the best of my ability to recall even by the time I’d half woken up was “a wall of flame”, not exactly inspiring in terms of cover imagery), and I knew from experience that if I didn’t write the titles down, even though they seemed REALLY MEMORABLE just then, I wouldn’t remember them when I properly woke up. So I pulled open the bedside drawer and began rooting around to find the journal I keep in there. (This ultimately involved throwing all of my underwear on the floor, because I was insufficiently awake to root successfully.)

    Anyway, after a minute of fumbling I pulled the journal out and started scribbling.

    “Whew!” said Ted, brightly. “I thought I was in trouble, there!”

    *giggles out loud*

    miles to Minas Tirith: 206

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    what i have learned

    I have learned that the all-day chat structure isn’t going to work for /me/, so week-after-next I will open a chat room at 9pm GMT/4pm EDT/1pm PDT and run it for about 90 minutes before sluffing off to bed. (I figure next week is Easter so there’s no point in trying to run a chat then.)

    I think I /will/ go ahead and open a daily chat room for word wars. I’ll post the url at my writing community, , rather than here, because it seems more appropriate, and the people who want to use it will know where to find it. I sort of imagine the result will be me writing in the morning on my own time, and then maybe catching people for hour-long writing bursts as the US sort of comes online as my day progresses. We’ll see. :)

    Ted and I brought Breic and Seirid to the movies yesterday (we saw “Bolt”, which we all liked), and they were wonderfully well-behaved and ate popcorn and sweets and sodas and were generally quite charming. It was fun. :)

    And Ted and I had our second swimming lesson tonight. I’m enjoying these a lot, and he hasn’t tried killing me in my sleep yet, so I think they’re going well. I’ll be swimming 6 days a week if we get 3 lessons a week in for him, so that’s a win on many levels.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 160
    ytd km swum: 34.8

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    mostly metrics

    Ted made a stunningly good dinner tonight. Salmon with herbs de provence in dijon mustard, and grilled vegetables and lemon-and-garlic spinach. Insanely, insanely good. And he cleaned most of the house.

    Me, I read a book. And knitted eleven more rows. And did laundry. I think he wins the Superior Human award for the day. I also swam, and my shoulder is/was acting up, so I’m spending as little time as possible online for a while. *scoots off*

    miles to Minas Tirith: 112.3
    ytd km swum: 27.9

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    CE repeat

    I’ve had this copy-editor before, on THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION. She has a strange objection to hyphens (somewhere in FIREBIRD she changed “extra-long” to “extralong”, which was just bizarre). This is terribly minor and I recognize everywhere that the hyphens have been removed, so it’s not like changing them back is a chore, but I find it mildly amusing to realize I recognize the CE by her style. That’s ten books ago now, ye gods.

    So far today, I’ve walked 4 miles, swum 3 kilometers, bought 2 new MP3 players, and had 1 bird shit on my head. Three out of four ain’t bad, as my mother said, but I would’ve been much, much more upset about the last if I hadn’t had a towel with me because I’d been swimming. I’m also … ‘chugging’ is too fast a word. Inching. Along on the AAs. I’m going to try to retain consciousness and work on them until 6, which should get them most of the way done. And then we’ll watch Dollhouse and BSG, I hope. :)

    Did I mention Ted made filé gumbo and raspberry truffle brownies last night? *tud* So. Incredibly. GOOD.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 76.4
    ytd km swum: 24.2

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