What I have learned today

What I have learned today: I should just ask Ted do all my shopping for me. He is much, *much* more patient than I am, and does not get frustrated if he doesn’t find exactly the right item in the first three seconds of searching. (I have only once in my life had an ideal shopping experience. It involved going into the store, finding the exact pair of granny boots I wanted in my size the first try, and leaving, shoes purchased, within five minutes of entering.) Whether it is…

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a nice day

When I peel Christmas oranges I usually manage to get a half or a third of the skin off in one piece. I have, as long as I can remember, then tidily stacked the smaller bits within the larger curve, and then set about eating the orange. It has never struck me as an odd thing to do, but I just discovered my husband finds it charming and funny, because it’s so very tidy, and I’m not usually. So now I’m amused by it too. I have just been informed…

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early morning conversation

Kit: I had a dream that Colin Farrell was an alien. Ted: That…explains absolutely nothing about Colin Farrell. Kit: He was alone and desperately trying to fit in amongst his chosen people. Ted: …the over-sexed Irish?

Ted is awesome.

Ted is awesome. I have been quite the Little Miss Depressy Pants the last couple of days, what with the tired and the dark and the rain and the everything. Today we went out into the wet grey world, and when we came home we had to change out of our damp clothes. I threw my pants on the bed and went into the bathroom. When I came out again, this was what greeted me: It seems the damp had made us shrink away to nothing entirely! I particularly thought…

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the difference between a fqc and me

The difference between a FQC–Fully Qualified Chef (ie, Ted)–and me: When I make brownies, I pull out the tried and true recipe my family’s been using for more than thirty years. It’s a terrific recipe. It makes wonderful, wonderful brownies. When *Ted* makes brownies, he pulls out a Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Brownie recipe with a cream cheese frosting. We will be the family lolling about on the lawn with our feets and hands up in the air and our round tender underbellies exposed to the sky. :)