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    My editor at Del Rey sent a couple copies of THE QUEEN’S BASTARD ahead of the contracted author copies so that I could see them soonest. Oh my god. This is a beautiful, beautiful, *beautiful* book. Ted, in awe, said, “This is *hot*,” and it *is*. I cannot *wait* for this to go on the shelves so people can get it, because oh my GOD it’s gorgeous. I ran around the house shrieking and doing the beauty queen thing and being all tearful. It’s *so* pretty.

    And it’s the mark of a couple pretty freaking significant landmark for me. First, it’s my first non-Harlequin book. Second, it’s my TENTH FREAKING NOVEL! ZOH. MY. GOD.

    And third, I now have one million words in print.

    Not too damned bad for somebody whose first book came out in June 2005, eh?

    *beams like a frakking fool*

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    not a productive day

    I’m feeling better, but today’s productivity was limited to re-reading the last 75 or 100 pages I’ve written, as apparently three days off with a head cold threw me further out of the story than I might’ve hoped. On the positive side, either the book hangs together so far or I’m too close to it to see what an utter and miserable failure it is, so I’ll take what I get. I’m not really quite well yet, and I think it’s still affecting my brain. :p

    Email from my edit…damn. I just remembered, as I’ve remembered several times today, that I told my other editor I’d get copy edit questions answered by this afternoon her time. Which means I’ve still got like five hours in which to do stuff, but see above note about brain affectations…

    Anyway. Email from my editor at Del Rey indicates I ought to be getting copies of THE QUEEN’S BASTARD pretty soon here. TQB is my tenth (including the novella, which I do) published novel. I feel like I should do something celebratory! But I don’t know what. I’d like to run a good contest, and…I donno! Ideas?

    miles to Minas Tirith: 252.9

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