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    Loncon! Eurocon!

    Ladies & gentlemen! Ted and I will be attending Loncon over the week/end of August 14-18!

    I’m on four panels (Thursday at 6pm, Saturday at 3pm and 7pm, Sunday at 1:30pm) and have, um. Brunch scheduled on Saturday. Other than that I am thus far free, and people who want to catch up with me should post or email or something so we can get times arranged, because there are going to be like 6000 people and odds of randomly encountering anyone in a meaningful fashion are slim.

    I may do a “Hi I’m in the coffee shop!” sort of thing on the Friday or the Sunday so that people who do not otherwise know where I am might have a chance to find me. :)

    The weekend AFTER that is Eurocon, and I think I’m actually hosting a party at it, possibly, which will mean a period of a couple hours where you’ll definitely be able to find me. I don’t know the schedule there yet though, so I’ll keep ya posted. :)

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    eclectic entry

    Going to London has utterly thrown off my sense of time. I’m fairly convinced it’s Tuesday. *Next* Tuesday. o.O

    London was fun. I sold a few books and met several LJers, which was really wonderful. *beams* *waves to you all and makes noises of profound gratitude that you came*! I was also stalked by /Sarah Brennan, whose copy of HANDS OF FLAME says “Stop following me!” The next one will say, “I mean it, or I’m calling the garda!” and the one after that will say “That’s it, I’m getting a restraining order!” At least, they will if she’s kind enough to keep buying my books. :) Anyway, it was unexpected and pretty funny to see her there. :) I had dinner with lovely people and slept like the veritable dead on the air mattress that was provided for me. A very nice outing, all in all. I hope I didn’t give anyone my cold.

    I saw the take-a-photo-now meme (Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t fix your hair. Just take a picture. Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don’t go posting an eight megapixel image.) Include these instructions.) on Thursday morning before I left for London, so I took a photo:

    I have got the revision letter and all for THE PRETENDER’S CROWN. What I have not got is a functional printer upon which I can print out the SEVEN HUNDRED PAGE manuscript. But I have ordered a printer cartridge and hopefully it’ll get here by Tuesday. I’d been putting off working on this until after I got back from London, but now I’m sort of chewing at the bit. If I’d been brighter I’d have ordered the printer cartridge earlier, but finances prevented it. Dumb old finances.

    Betsy left at least one very funny comment in the revision letter: “Here’s another line I admired: “War and women make fools of all men.” Did you steal it from a French playwright? Or maybe you should be a French playwright.”

    Yes. I think I should be. Oo la la! :)

    CE Murphy.net has been updated with the past week’s worth of short stories. I’m sure you’re all very excited. There is also a helpful ‘donate’ button there if you want to. :)

    I went swimming this morning, and the first couple hundred meters were surreal. Like an out of body experience. The swim club was in session, so the water was really choppy, and I felt like I wasn’t properly in my body. Like I was expending no effort at all in swimming. It was truly bizarre, and rather awesome. The feeling faded, but I swam my whole mile without stopping, just because it had felt so wonderful and light to get started, and I never did get muscle fatigue or oxygen debt. I’d like it to always be that way. I would also like to be swimming the 4K that those kids are swimming, instead of my measly 1700-2000 meters. :) Ooh, and I bought a new swimsuit today! I needed one. Mine was becoming distressing. Or rather, it had become distressed. Anyway, I has a new one now. It’s blue. There won’t be a picture. :)

    This picture is for , in apology for there being no hedgehogs in the Gryphon Beach story, but I will put it behind the cut, because one uncut picture is enough for most posts:

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    it’s monday?

    Apparently it’s Monday, and I’m not entirely clear on how that happened. I feel like I’m several days, at least, behind. I woke up at 7:something this morning, thought, “I should get up now,” decided to lie in for a few more minutes, had a rather scattered yet vivid dream involving not so much Dean and Sam as the Impala (which the Good Ol’ Boy in the dream said was a Dodge Impala, wtf, but I was playing the part of a … girl/friend who was trying to replace the Impala (which didn’t actually need replacing, but I was *really* trying to find out some other thing to help solve the mystery that was going on, and so *dumb blonde giggle* well sure Dodge I mean it’s a car what do I know about them except he looooooooooved his car soooooooooo much) and the next time I really looked at the clock it was 9:00. I staggered out of bed a little confused.

    Then I nerved myself up for Certain Doom and called Continental Airlines, upon whom I am supposed to be flying to Comic-Con. I’d gotten a notification last week after Dad reserved the ticket saying ‘The ticket hasn’t been issued due to technical problems, you need do nothing’, so I didn’t, and then after a couple of days of nothing I got nervous, and there was a bunch of jumping through hoops, and I emailed to say “um?” and they emailed back eventually and said “call this number”, so this morning I did, basically figuring the fare was going to have quadrupled (or even just doubled, that would’ve been more than problem enough) and that I wasn’t going to get to go.

    Instead I talked to a very nice guy who accidentally hung up on me, then to a very nice woman who explained they’d been having technical problems for the last week and she wouldn’t even try transferring me (which was how the first guy hung up on me), she’d just see if she could do all the website stuff herself. And she could, and did, and got me the plane ticket at the original price, and I am now waiting VERY NERVOUSLY for it to arrive in my email box as promised. Within an hour, she said. It’s been about half an hour now. If I don’t have it by noon or one my time I’ll call back and see if I can talk to her again specifically, since she knows what’s up with me.

    This is not much like writing a book. Furthermore, my brain is absolutely certain it’s Sunday (possibly Sunday the 29th of June, mind you, but Sunday) and that I really ought to get to have today off. Neither of these things are true.

    *stares nervously at email*

    ETA: ticket has arrived! I am going to ComicCon! EEEEEEEE!

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