Loncon! Eurocon!

Ladies & gentlemen! Ted and I will be attending Loncon over the week/end of August 14-18!

I’m on four panels (Thursday at 6pm, Saturday at 3pm and 7pm, Sunday at 1:30pm) and have, um. Brunch scheduled on Saturday. Other than that I am thus far free, and people who want to catch up with me should post or email or something so we can get times arranged, because there are going to be like 6000 people and odds of randomly encountering anyone in a meaningful fashion are slim.

I may do a “Hi I’m in the coffee shop!” sort of thing on the Friday or the Sunday so that people who do not otherwise know where I am might have a chance to find me. :)

The weekend AFTER that is Eurocon, and I think I’m actually hosting a party at it, possibly, which will mean a period of a couple hours where you’ll definitely be able to find me. I don’t know the schedule there yet though, so I’ll keep ya posted. :)

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2 thoughts on “Loncon! Eurocon!

  1. I’d like a chance to get to meet you, although I may be incoherently silent and tongue-tied, but sign my books, please! Also, in case I am silent and tongue-tied, love your books, you’re one of my favourite authors!

    1. oh, brilliant! just mumble out that you’re the one who figured out the gchat problem and I’ll be so busy worshipping you that you won’t need to talk! :)

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