very confused

Agently response on TRUTHSEEKER was, in almost its entirety, “Hey, that was fun to read!” Given that said agent also gave me a thumbs-up on the proposal for the fifth Walker Papers book (which never, ever, ever happens: she always says, “Not bad, but there’s kind of too much information dump, don’t you think?”), I begin to fear that she has been replaced by Folger’s Crystals. But I HAVE NOTICED! HAH! Take that! So I am very confused, but also quite pleased. :) I went back to the massage place…

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TRUTHSEEKER is done, at 345 pages and some 81,500 words. That’s the 18th novel I’ve written. Dude. o.o

lovely evening

Somehow the book has nearly caught up to my YTD wordcount again. That’s kind of weird. Anyway, I realized today I may have as few as 4 chapters left, which would be sort of awesome. No, actually, who am I kidding, it would be totally made of awesome. I could have as many as six or seven, but four or five is seeming pretty likely. *fingers crossed* We had a lovely evening here at the Murphy-Lee household. My uncle and cousin are over visiting, so Ted made an apple &…

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not really so much with the working

I haven’t started working today and I can’t figure out if it’s a bad sign (ie, the book is still screwed up and what I wrote yesterday is not right, and thus I don’t want to work on it) or if it’s just that I got up a little late and did a rather extensive Pilates set which pushed my work-start-time later than I like it to be and if that has set me off wrong. I *think* it’s the latter, compounded by the impulse, when I sat down at…

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hiding from the internet

Today I am hiding from the internet, because I want to watch the Oscars tonight without already knowing who won what. Gmail already helpfully let me know who won the best film, but I have managed to not see anything else while checking email, so that’s pretty good. (Oh crap. Ted says the download won’t be done tonight. I’m going to have to stay offline tomorrow, too! Multiple Media Avoidance Days! Agh!) The result of staying offline today is I got quite a lot of work done. (Go figure. I…

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