very confused

Agently response on TRUTHSEEKER was, in almost its entirety, “Hey, that was fun to read!” Given that said agent also gave me a thumbs-up on the proposal for the fifth Walker Papers book (which never, ever, ever happens: she always says, “Not bad, but there’s kind of too much information dump, don’t you think?”), I begin to fear that she has been replaced by Folger’s Crystals. But I HAVE NOTICED! HAH! Take that! So I am very confused, but also quite pleased. :)

I went back to the massage place yesterday and can now turn my head further to the left than I’ve been able to in years. If I can figure out how to afford it I’m going to keep going back for a while. He seems to think he can fix my right shoulder entirely. That would be nice. Somewhat inconceivable, but nice.

And I’ve knitted almost 24 inches on this scarf. It’s very pretty, all sparkly and silver.

That’s my exciting life.

miles to Minas Tirith: 137

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