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    what i have learned

    I have learned that the all-day chat structure isn’t going to work for /me/, so week-after-next I will open a chat room at 9pm GMT/4pm EDT/1pm PDT and run it for about 90 minutes before sluffing off to bed. (I figure next week is Easter so there’s no point in trying to run a chat then.)

    I think I /will/ go ahead and open a daily chat room for word wars. I’ll post the url at my writing community, , rather than here, because it seems more appropriate, and the people who want to use it will know where to find it. I sort of imagine the result will be me writing in the morning on my own time, and then maybe catching people for hour-long writing bursts as the US sort of comes online as my day progresses. We’ll see. :)

    Ted and I brought Breic and Seirid to the movies yesterday (we saw “Bolt”, which we all liked), and they were wonderfully well-behaved and ate popcorn and sweets and sodas and were generally quite charming. It was fun. :)

    And Ted and I had our second swimming lesson tonight. I’m enjoying these a lot, and he hasn’t tried killing me in my sleep yet, so I think they’re going well. I’ll be swimming 6 days a week if we get 3 lessons a week in for him, so that’s a win on many levels.

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    the horrible truth

    The horrible truth is exercise just makes me feel better. I know this *is* true, but I keep mentioning it because I have this hope that someday it’ll actually sink in. I got up early-ish this morning and went for a walk because they said the weather would get increasingly worse as the day wore on (and indeed, it is at this very moment pissing out there) and I wanted to get my licks in while I could. And then I came home and did my Pilates. I’m getting better at the beginners level, although the leg lift things still kick my ass. I hate those. On the up side, though, on three or four of the exercises I can do the intermediate version of them. Just, y’know. Not on the leg lifts. Ow. And I finished with my weight-lifting regime, the last of which Lucy helped me with.

    (It is impossible to do anything but stop the bicep curls and pick up the cat when she stands up against your leg and stretches her front paws up as hiiiiiigh as they will go and looks at you with teh big kitteh eyes. After a good solid minute of grooming my hair and being held (which is quite a while for Lucy; she prefers being petted and skritched when she’s on the floor to being picked up), she decided I could continue, and crawled down my back to the couch. D’awww.)

    Anyway, my workout has left me feeling quite perky. That’s good, because I didn’t actually finish typing the AAs in yesterday, so I have to do it now, and a perky attitude is helpful for that sort of thing. Also, I am wearing the perfectly gorgeous royal purple sweater that my mom made for me, so that makes me happy too. :)

    Oh, I posted this last night and said I’d make a pointer to it today, so if you were interested in the possibility of a weekly weight loss chat room, there’s a poll here to try to determine when might work out best for the largest number of people.

    Off to see the wizard!

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    random weight loss thought

    and I were just discussing the fact that arghing at each other online about the difficulties of weight loss did seem to help keep us on track a little. I, at least, have periodically joined LJ communities and the like where a bunch of geek sorts are trying to lose weight and trying to find encouragement, and they don’t (for the crowd I hang with, anyway) seem to last very long.

    I wonder if a weekly online scheduled chat session might work better. Format probably wouldn’t matter so much, be it MUSH, AIM, GChat, whatever, but I wonder if that would work. Scheduling times would probably be a bitch and a half, thanks to time zones and work schedules and the fact that we’re none of us as young as we used to be, but the idea appeals to me. I’m sure there are chat rooms out there I could find, but I’d rather be whining to people I already know, y’know?

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    if I were rich…

    If I were rich, I would be buying plane tickets to Vancouver, BC right now for next weekend, where I would go watch Jim Byrnes play Friday and Saturday night at The Yale. If I know anybody there, have pity on a poor writer and go see Jim play for me. 9pm, but you’ll want to get there quite a bit earlier if you want to be able to sit. If you want to make an evening of it on my behalf, there’s a terrific little tapas place about a block and a half up from the Yale, past the (Best Western?) and on the opposite side of the street down a little alley/road. :) (Alternately, y’know, I suppose, if I know anybody rich, you could buy me a ticket…*laughs*)

    I started at the back end of TPC yesterday, and did more meaningful revisions on the last five or so chapters. Then I fell asleep, but, y’know, these are the prices you pay for greatness. Or something. :) I guess I’m going to go through the middle part of the book, with emphasis on the latter part of that, this morning, and then actually start typing things in this afternoon. I would really really *really* like to get this done by tomorrow evening. (My editor would like that too.)

    I got the revision letter for WALKING DEAD (the new title of the fourth Walker Papers book) and so next week, I get to do revisions! After two weeks of…doing revisions! Yay! *headdesk* (Actually, it’s a good thing, because I want all these revisions and whatnot out of the way before November, when I fully intend to write TRUTHSEEKER as a NaNoWriMo project. Who’s with me?)

    Last night was the writers’ group meeting. I nearly didn’t go because it’s always easier to talk myself out of these things than to go, but Ted convinced me to go, and I was, as usual, really glad I did. It was very pleasant, and I read a bit from THE QUEEN’S BASTARD (only the stuff after the hash mark), which seemed to be received well. So yeah. I’m glad I went, and I should go again on the 28th, even if I’m zombified from having just returned from South Carolina.

    Today marks four weeks of No Sweets. I’ve lost 5.6 pounds in the past four weeks. (Ted, I said in rueful exasperation, has lost twelve. And he’s not on nearly as strict a no-sweets diet as I am.) I’ve gone down two notches on the belt that came with the jeans I bought in August. So although it occasionally makes me cranky as *hell*, this is apparently worth it. The really aggravating thing is that I’m–well, not exactly much more aware, because I often knew I was eating junk when I wasn’t hungry–but I’ve become aware of “Oh, look, right now if there were sweets in the house I’d be eating them even though I’m not in the *least* hungry, because I don’t want to be doing what I’m doing”, any number of times, particularly in the last few days. (Revisions, anyone?) Yeah. That’s me. Not too bleeding bright.

    Seems like there was something else I was going to add to this bits and bobs entry, but I can’t remember what it was, so I’m going to go make bread, do my pilates, shower, and get to work. I need to go to the bank this afternoon, and there’s Spanish class tonight. What an eventful life I’m having. :)

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    Supreme Court meme & other stuff

    As ganked from /Nicholas, As evidenced by Katie Couric, Sarah Palin is unable to name any Supreme Court Case other than Roe v. Wade.

    The Rules: Post info about ONE Supreme Court decision, modern or historical your lj. (Any decision, as long as it’s not Roe v. Wade.)

    Loving v. Virginia, in which the Supreme Court ruled there could be no lawful impediment to interracial marriages.

    This is clearly the same ruling, or the precedent for the ruling, that will eventually be applied to gay marriage in the US, and it blows my tiny little mind that we even have to fight about it.

    In other news, yesterday’s pilates session has left my tummy sore enough to be amusing without being debilitating. That’s just the right amount of sore. :) Also, today marks 3 weeks without sweets. I didn’t lose any weight this week, but I’m not too worried about that. I did have a dream last night that I was eating french toast ice cream and some kind of pie, though…

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