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    stupid shoulder

    Doing the 100s Wednesday was apparently more than my shoulder could handle. I am very crankily not swimming again until Monday in an attempt to set it right, and I will not do sprints until I’m in much better condition. *sigh* I’m also going to try to mostly stay offline over the weekend, particularly off the laptop, because using it aggravates the injury. It is possible this will cause me to shrivel up and die. I’ll keep you posted. Or not, if I’m supposed to be offline…

    Muahah. The postman has just delivered the last of our mad spending spree materials: the complete Angel DVD collection (because I’m a fruitcake, and want to watch seasons 4-7 of Buffy alternating with seasons 1-4 of Angel, the way they were aired, and Ted is a good enough person to agree to my lunacy), two of the X-Men graphic novels I need to catch up, and the last of the Star Wars RPG stuff to complete Ted’s collection. Wow. Could we be any geekier?

    Arright, I’m going for a walk since I can’t swim, and to the bank because the landlord sent the reimbursement check for the new furniture.

    miles to Minas Tirith: 454.4

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    why yes, i am avoiding work

    (sorry for repost, it is due to WP/LJ crossposting dipshittery)

    get a picture frame
    » put together gift basket box
    get envelopes
    » put chance issues in envelopes :)
    box up Walker Papers for Mr. M
    – DEMON HUNTS revisions^H^H^H^H change of plans, work on critique instead
    – call bonk
    make bread
    do laundry (Ted’s doing this, bless him)
    – send receipts (VERY IMPORTANT)

    Nice swim this morning. I did my first 500 in 9 minutes, which is faster than I usually…bother to do, if we’re being honest. I don’t think I could do one faster than about 8 minutes right now anyway, but I was pretty pleased to have done a 9-minute one. Technically I’m supposed to have one more day of 1K swimming, but I did 1300 meters today (to, er, bring my ytd km swum up to a round number, because I’m a dork like that) and I may just go straight to 1500 meters tomorrow.

    This morning I received Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge‘s BLACK AND WHITE, which is a superhero novel I’ve been dying to read ever since Jackie mentioned it. Now I must restrain myself and not read it until at least tonight, ’cause I have work to do! (Apparently that’s how reading is going: I either want to read something RIGHT NOW, or I can put it off indefinitely. No wonder I haven’t been buying a lot of books.)

    Oh, speaking of reading, it turned out I had the HOUSE OF M graphic novel…

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    X-Men continuity

    Cut, because although I know at least a handful of people will click through, largely I cannot imagine this is of interest to anyone but myself. :)

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    *laughs a lot*

    Wolverine took in $87 million this weekend, partly in thanks to “an unexpectedly large female audience — nearly 50 percent of the total”.

    All I can say is: Dude. Hugh Jackman. Liev Schreiber. Taylor Kitsch. Ryan Reynolds. If you build it, we will, ah, come. o.o

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