a busy bank holiday weekend

Young Indiana and I had a positively splendid, utterly exhausting bank holiday weekend while Ted was off gaming. Saturday we defied the not-running trains to go to the zoo (a thing we would not have done if I’d known the trains weren’t running, but I didn’t find out until we got to the train station, at which point a bus was available, so…we went. Later than we intended, but we went.) We had breakfast out and went to the zoo and the lions were in fine form & I got…

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caution, wind, zoo

I threw caution to the wind yesterday and went to the zoo instead of doing, oh, you know. All the household chores. (This resulted in ordering dinner in last night, but hey.) It was a nice day, which mostly means there was neither wind nor rain, and those two things made going worth it. So did Young Indiana asking, “Blanket?” when presented with this display: He was pleased with this chap: but *delighted* with this one, who kept dancing, while Young Indiana said, “Again? Again?! Again!” Watching the gorillas: Ruuunnnniiiiiiinnnnng!