Take A Chance thoughts / Patreon signal boost

Take a Chance cover

I’ve been having a think, and here’s what I’ve been thinking.

I’ve got an artist for the next TAKE A CHANCE story arc. I need to be able to pay him, tho.

If I can get my Patreon up to 250 patrons, at the average of $5/m that people are paying, I could afford to pay him for 4 pages a month. 300 patrons? 8 pages a month.

(I can’t afford to pay him very WELL, but I could at least pay him. :))

It’d be a sneak peek/early, probably B&W, one-to-2-page-a-week release of what would PRRRRRRRROBABLY be a graphic novel eventually published by Markosia, as the first GN was.

I mean, if the Patreon really went all-out, and Alek had the time to work around the rest of his schedule, there *could* be a graphic novel ready in time for Worldcon in Dublin 2019. But for 22 pages a month(ish) I’d need literally hundreds of more patrons to support that. (like, about 250. it’s not…*impossible*. I’ve got about…well, 3500 followers on Twitter, 2500 on Facebook, 2K on my mailing list, 400 on Tumblr & Goodreads, and an assumption that there’s a lot of overlap on the first three, so call it, IDK, a total of 3K or so people I can reach easily? And say 5-7% of them are Patreon supporters? Another 10% would pretty well do the trick.)

(I mean, the plus side of that would be that we could in theory just, like, KEEP GOING with Chance, at that point. I have a 60 issue story arc planned out! Wouldn’t that be AMAZING? Plus…well. I mean. I have a whole world’s worth of stories there, lads.)

Anyway, so it’s a thought and I’m noodling with it, and heck, if you want to see more Chance and also the other fic & bits I do for my patrons, you can do that at Patreon!

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