TBR Shelf, In Pictures

This post is like 98% for my friend Trent, who is always trying to see what books are on the shelves in the background of my other pictures, so I thought I’d help out there. :) They are not in alphabetical order, which makes me crazy, but alphabetical order would mean theY WOUld bE ALl sorts oF differeNt sizEs and apparently I deemed that as Even More Offensive than lacking alphabetical order. So I’ve got them arranged by size. O.O

I may, however, read them in alphabetical order just to remove a decision-making factor. :)

The fiction TBR shelves:


tbr02 - Copy


The unreadable-title graphic novels there at the right are the first two Captain Marvel collections, the first Ms Marvel collection, Matt Fraction’s run on Uncanny X-Men, Delilah Dirk & the Turkish Lieutenant, and Strong Female Protagonist. And also last month’s NatGeo. :)


The equally unreadable (because both the camera & lighting are crap) books in the middle there are EJ Cooper’s Haunted Guesthouse mysteries and Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mysteries.

Mostly non-fic, with some fic stragglers that wouldn’t fit on the other shelves:

Ever so faintly in my defense, I’ve read a number of these and they’re on the shelf because Ted hasn’t read them yet. :) An awful lot of them, though, are on my TBR list (which needs updating again because I got a bag of books back from Mom…)…

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