I have swum TEN TIMES! I am very proud of myself. I have earned a 10 day pool pass, which is slightly cheaper than paying as you go.

Today I did my 2K straight, just kind of to see if I could. I could. :) The last 500 meters, somebody who could *swim* was in the lane with me. We were about dead even in speed, though I don’t know which of us would be faster if we were actually trying. Probably him, ’cause, well, boy. I told Ted this, and he started laughing and laughing, and then making ferocious small dog noises. I think he thinks I’m competitive. :)

I’m engaging in slightly neurotic behavior at the writing computer. I’m all, “Augh! No solitaire! Augh! What do I *do* with myself? Augh! Crap! I guess I better write…” Finished most of a chapter today. o.o

Oh! I got Petite to 30th level yesterday! I got into a group with 37th level missions and rolled through the level, all the while thinking “I really should go write…” Anyway, I mentioned to Ted I’d reached 30th and he immediately logged in to try to get his highest-level character to 31st. *laugh* And he thinks *I’m* competitive? (Actually, he thinks it would be All Wrong for me to have a higher-level character than him, and he’s mostly right, but I might have to try to pass him anyway just for the wrongness factor. :))

We’re going to see Spider-Man III tonight. Despite ‘s pithy spoiler-free review (there might be spoilers in the comments. It’s the first few lines I’m specifically referring to. :)). :)

ytd wordcount: 88,800
ytd miles swum: 11.75

4 thoughts on “TEN SWIMS!

  1. Congrats on the swim and the 30! I’ve got Mal up to 15. The new stuff is kind of weird, but I haven’t been letting myself play enough to learn it. Too busy doing Extreme Novel Makeover.

  2. Wrong but fun!!! Besides, it might be good for him … for a little while anyway.

  3. Cat wants us to go see Spidey3. Alas, from what I’ve seen of the trailer and comments so far, it’s doesn’t seem like my cup of tea at all. (Not to mention the bit where sitting still for much more than half an hour is painful.) Maybe I’ll let myself be convinced in a week or three when I’m hopefully more restored… So what did you think of it?

  4. It’s much, much too long, but I liked it better than I thought I would.

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