that sucked.

That was exciting, for the value of exciting that means “that really sucked.” My sock got caught on a nail head insufficiently flush to the wall and I crashed full length to the floor hard enough that I’ve still got the shakes from it. I’m not much hurt, but it scared the hell out of me and worried Young Indiana a lot.

thinks to do when the baby naps
finish the AAs
make pie crust
– write, if i have any will/time left

*sigh* 45,000 words down and effectively one day left on Nano. I’m going to be really disappointed if I don’t succeed.

Oh, hey. There’s an auction running to support Terri Windling, who is financial straits. I’m trying to figure out what to donate, because it’s Terri Windling. What would you guys want a chance to bid for?

1 thought on “that sucked.

  1. Things I’d bid on: I’m loving your current subscription and would enjoy a chance to bid on ones you closed before I knew I could sign up for these things (like “Year of Miracles”, not sure what others I might have missed – say, offer “x” many of the subscription stories).
    I have a sister in Ireland and would bid on either a set of the Negotiator trilogy for her or the first so many of the Walker papers.
    But, I’m not even close to an extravagant bidder (life, reality..) so if you’re looking for the high ticket concepts, can’t help out there.
    Looks like the auction is doing well – they have both high and lower priced items going.

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