the amazing human body!

I screwed up my back horribly what, five years ago now? It’d been slightly wrong before, but I fell off a sidewalk and buggered my knee and hobbled around for six weeks and at the end of it my back was a disaster (between the 5th lumbar and the tailbone my spine curved 3/4ths of an inch to the right. As I said then, and continue to say now because I like to, three quarters of an inch is not a lot, unless you are talking about the placement of bones in your body), and I didn’t deal with it for another year after that (until I overdid it so much I /had/ to deal with it) and then it took two years to get it back toward something functional and I lost a whole bunch of weight (which absolutely helped) and eighteen months ago or two years maybe my chiro gave me a lift to put in my right shoe to see if that would help me get leveled out. It made an immediate and noticeable difference, and I’ve been wearing a lift in the shoe since then.

Took it out this morning. It’s hard enough (it has to be) to make my foot ache a little when I’m walking. That, overall, has been far less painful than my *back* was, but between weight loss and having not been to a chiro in over a year and not felt like I /needed/ to go, and the once-gone ability to pop my lower back now returned, the ache from the lift is annoying enough that I’m going to try walking around for a while without it and see if I’m healed.

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  1. Ooo. I hope that works out. I periodically overdo mouse use and desk slumping and pay for it with back pain and referred pain in my right arm. I hope that your back is ship-shape once again.

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