The Blog and the Future

Right, so, I’m trying to reduce my dependency on billionaire-owned social media, which mean I’m trying to increase my blog footprint again. I used to be good at blogging, but somewhere along the way, with all the short-post social media (and its instantaneous feedback, let’s be real, that’s super nice), I got well out of the habit of blogging and also, more relevantly, got to where I started feeling like multiple blog posts in a day (which I used to do all the time!) were…obnoxious. Bothersome. Too Much for readers.

Look, IDK, it’s the whole fifteen second sound bite and then on to the next thing-ness of Twitter and also the world that we live in, I guess. ANYWAY.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve now got a new thing set up here on my personal website where you can subscribe to my blog and it’ll send you an email notifying you about new blog posts. I think I’ve set it up successfully so you can make comments here with a WordPress account, a FB account, or even just by typing in your name/email/whatever it asks for and identifying yourself that way. I think.

The subscription signup thingy is on the right sidebar beneath the ‘about the author’ thing on a desktop browser, or scroll down past about 5 posts and the author thingy on a mobile.

This is not the same as my professional newsletter, which you should really really REALLY sign up for because it’s BY FAR the most reliable way to get information about upcoming books. This is just an easy way to have blog posts delivered straight to you.

Most of my blog posts go live on my Patreon before they come up here (some of them go live at more or less the same time and a rare handful aren’t posted at Patreon at all). Previously, they have also gone live at Facebook before here, too, but I’m going to switch that around and post here before on FB, so basically you get blogs and recent reads and picoreviews and stuff SOONEST on Patreon (which has other benefits, like early access to quite a few books), SECOND-SOONEST here on my personal site, and finally on FB.

I’m still going to try to stick with no more than a post a day on (and also, try to MAKE roughly a post a day), so one of the things I’m going to have to remember is the old ‘five things make a post’ format, and maybe just add things into a blog post over the day and post it when I’ve had as many thoughts as are available to me. :)

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