the hat

since several people have asked:

In other news, bicycles are fast! I zooped over to the store on mine, and it was, well, fast! I donno if it’s just that I haven’t ridden a bike in three and a half years or if the handlebars are actually much further down than they used to be, but it felt a bit thick and wobbly. I did have to raise the seat, so I kind of suspect it’s the placement of the handlebars, so I’ll stop by the shop tomorrow and see if I can’t get him to raise them some. And to loosen the brakes a bit too, because wow grabby. But I have a bike again! And it’s fast! NEEROW ZOOM


  • Rivermage

    Catie, how about a verbal description of the hat for those of us who can’t make out the picture?
    Personally, I really like hats! As an American male, I have several baseball caps, sort of de rigeur you know. But, I’ve also got a nice brown wool fedora, ala Indiana Jones, a really cool TechStraw fedora that is light and breezy, floats on water and lets the breeze in, a leather slouch hat for truly detestable weather, a Greek Fisherman’s cap, what I think of as an English driving cap in a nice tweed, and a few others kicking around!
    I guess it was an early exposure to movies of the 40’s where every cool guy wore a cool hat…*GRIN*

    So, don’t let the blather of some nekulturny lout deter you in your fashion forward/retro indulgence in the best that hatters have to offer!

    • mizkit

      It’s a kind of jockey-style straw hat that sits quite low on the head and has a small front brim and a thin brown lining around the base and brim. It’s quite cute. And I too love hats, and have many. Excellent! :)

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