the hours

I went to The Hours tonight. It’s an excellent movie with excellent performances by the entire cast, and Nichole Kidman looks and sounds nothing at all like Nichole Kidman.

I also wrote 1080 words today. I think I can manage to make the other 20 up tomorrow. :)

Did a little bit of laundry. Whee. :) Sarah and I spent quite a while going through our Writers/Novels Market books and finding appropriate publishers to query for Josie. We ended up with an even dozen, 5 of whom request S&3 and 7 of whom … don’t. :) Query-letters only. So the day wasn’t a wash.

Don’t want to work tomorrow. Sulk.

Think I’ll go read.

ytd wordcount: 8980

1 thought on “the hours

  1. I missed you! I suck! Was catching up on video game playing. Yay for us, yay for writing! Yay for the day not being a wash! I will see you sometime tomorrow!

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