The man in the red hat named Bill ran by.

In an homage to the Jasper Fforde character who is beleaguered by poorly constructed sentences, while I was out walking the dog today, a man drove by in a car wearing Stetson cologne.

Frankly, the fact that I could smell and identify the cologne so easily leads me to feel that insisting the vehicle was indeed wearing it is not an unreasonable thing to do. That’s just too much cologne, when random passers-by get a good three or four breaths of the stuff, plus one lingering whiff after the car is gone.

OTOH, boy, do I love me some Stetson. MmmMMmmm. :)

miles to Isengard: 156

7 thoughts on “The man in the red hat named Bill ran by.

  1. I’m that way with Polo (assuming it smells “right” on the person. I’ve met those who it doesn’t jibe with.)

    But yeah, in passing cars? Not so much.

  2. That always leads me to parrot Lorelai Gilmore (one time when she was at a town meeting): “Wow, raise your hand if you bathed in colgne!”

  3. OOOHH, Stetson cologne….many many memories! Bill wears it, still good, but, oh the memories!


  4. If his car was indeed wearing the cologne, let’s hope he can pay wholesale for it. Said Barry, who works for a perfume company (not Stetson though)

  5. That was an issue with me when I lived in a college town, but it was mostly women. The theory was, the first girl up in the morning went into the bathroom and parfumed herself and then there was smelly residue hanging in the air and so the next girl came in and parfumed herself until she could smell a difference above the ambient room level, and progressively so throughout the day.
    We could sometimes identify sororities by brand name.

  6. Hee. I still have a little bottle of Polo in my bathroom cabinet, from when I saw you more often. I don’t know if it jibed or not.

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