OLD RACES: AFTERMATH Margrit Knight has broken the long-held covenants of the Old Races. Ancient rivals are scattered, friendships are broken, and the dragons, djinn, selkies, vampires and gargoyles are beginning to step out of the shadows and into the light.

But the new world may not be what they expect. Dragonlord Janx faces more than he bargained for when human magic interferes with his own. Half-vampire Ursula Hopkins is only starting to understand what she may have unleashed by awakening her brethren, and Margrit Knight herself still has debts to pay after the death of a djinn…

Watch the new world unfold in these four new stories of the Old Races…

Coming soon to an e-store near you!

Cover art by Tara O’Shea. IS IT NOT AWESOME?!?!?!?! Holy crap, tell you what, actually seeing Margrit as a black woman for the first time nearly made me fall out of my chair. I am SO HAPPY with this cover I could squee. Like this:


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