the sock puppet…LURKS!

Oh, awesome, I just got my Ursula t-shirt with the lurking sock puppet on it. It’s perfect. I’m totally bringing this with me. :)

Very peculiarly, Ellen, the box had a stamp on it that said ‘misdirected to singapore’. o.o

Arright, I’m off.


  1. gows

    *nodnod* I get the giggles every time I look at the pic. I know some folks whom that would be perfect for.

    (Yes, they /are/ all related to me, just about. Why do you ask? *grin*)

  2. marith

    Oh, good choice! I totally adore that picture. It was taped to the front of my binder in grad school, and when we did opening circle and asked how everyone was, some days I’d just hold it up :)

    Have a wonderful time!

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