thick fingers

Thick fingers this morning. Exercise and breakfast accomplished, if nothing else. I walked 4 miles this morning (go me!) and my feet didn’t hurt at all! That’s new and exciting for me!

There were many, /many/ people out this morning. There’s a Team in Training for a lukemia fundraiser and there were about twelve million of them out, and then a herd of bikers went by me, and there were some random runners, and a couple of walkers like myself. They were all skinnier than I am. This is the part I really hate about exercising, is the bit where you’ve been doing it for, y’know, several days _in a row_, and yet somehow you haven’t lost forty pounds. Intellectually I realize it takes longer than four days, but emotionally it’s very down-getting.

yesterday, I biked 14 miles. It was a lovely day for a bike ride, and oh! I saw a BEAR! He was a scaredy-bear, and ran off into the woods when I appeared (there was another biker yelling and waving his arms about in an attempt to get the bear off the trail, but it wasn’t until there were two of us that he, the bear, not the biker, turned heel and ran). He (again, the bear, not the biker) looked all fat and sleek with very shiny black fur. I don’t think it was a hard winter for the bears. :)

This morning I saw a moose, although that was so practically out my front door I’m not sure it counts as wildlife viewing on my walk, and then there was a bald eagle sitting at the top of a tree overlooking the bluff, looking regal. When I turned around and came back, there was a magpie sitting not on the tree next to the eagle’s, but the next one over from /that/, in just the same position, as if to say: I’m with *him*. Hee hee hee.

Ted wants to go get rollerblades today. I want to go look at road/touring/whatever bikes. I’m also going to work on the timeline for FOOL’S GOLD and start a 50K in 30 days tomorrow. I was going to start Thursday, but, um, I didn’t. I did get 500 words written yesterday, though. That’s something, at least. :)

All right. I’m going to go get in the shower and, um. Well. Shower. And then work on writing stuff. And possibly take some aspirin, as I’m all headachy.

miles to Rivendell: 28.5
ytd wordcount: 123,000

2 thoughts on “thick fingers

  1. Good luck at the bike shop! We’re going to the bike sale again today so Ben can get a helmet. I don’t think I’m sufficiently morally superior to avoid buying anything, especially since, upon inspection, I found my helmet to have some distressing dents in it…and part of it is being held together with lab tape. I think I might be able to justify a bit of expenditure in htat area. The REAL temptation will be that orange bike!

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