things, they are a-changing

I recently decided that I needed to tidy up the professional side of my website, and, since I’m not blogging much anymore, came to a crisis of conscience: did I want to turn over to a professional-only website?

Mes amis, I did not.

So I registered Catie Murphy dot com (because CE Murphy dot com has been taken as long as I’ve been using that name, and I’m now also writing under Catie Murphy, which was available as a domain name :)), and have set up shop there.

It’s a very simple site with What’s Out Now, What’s Out Next, and All My Books, plus a few other useful links. I do not anticipate it ever becoming more complicated than that. In fairly short order I’ll have all the CE Murphy stuff removed from, at which point…I’ll have to decide what, exactly, I’m doing with it as a space, but that’s not this week’s problem.

In the meantime, I’m pretty pleased with Catie Murphy dot com, so do go check it out! :D