thinks to do

thinks to do today:

1. get PL revisions at least 75% done
2. walk down & return the movie

pretty much nothing else matters, though cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry wouldn’t be bad ideas. nor would exerting enough will to not eat any junk food.

picoreview of cinderella man: startlingly good movie, if difficult for me to watch because i don’t like watching people hit each other. amazingly, russell crowe didn’t show up anywhere in it.

picoreview of bonnie & clyde: at least i don’t have to watch *that* again. the acting was very good, the costumes were not, and if i were remaking it today i’d cast reese whitherspoon as bonnie. also, that was the first thing i’d ever seen a young warren beatty in, and wow, he really was very good looking.

miles to Isengard: 94

3 thoughts on “thinks to do

  1. He was good looking the way I am a particle physicist.

    I think you were just distracted by the ambience.

  2. …I don’t think so. I’d seen pictures of him and eh, he wasn’t all that–his features are sort of too exaggerated–but in motion he was very attractive. Possibly this is similar to Keanu Reeves, who can’t deliver a line to save his life, but who is actually a very good physical actor. It’s just hard to get beyond the line delivery.

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