thinks to do

Thinks to do this week:

1. apply for stupid student loans

2. apply for Irish passport

3. fill out Nathan & Cecilia’s paperwork

4. fill out 401k paperwork

5. christmas shop

6. go to the bloody postoffice and send gifts

7. eat too much fudge

8. figure out who to ask for letters of recommendation for grad school applications

9. make a christmas wishlist

5 thoughts on “thinks to do

  1. um, nathan and cecilia already got miss leora brown to do the necessary paperwork! glad you didn’t get to it yesterday. :) their interview with teh INS is in february.

  2. In that case, i cross it off my list! Thanks for letting me know. *vaguely guilty look* Bad me, for not getting stuff together sooner for them…

  3. Why the need for an Irish passport? I was looking at your pictures from “Europe 2000” and I was wondering which “cliffs” those are of? Are they the Cliffs of Moher?

  4. Theeeeeeeeey’re just some cliffs in the west of Ireland. I don’t believe they’re anybody in particular’s cliffs. They’re right next to some sort of standing stone construction in a building (it was closed, we couldn’t actually go in and visit, so I can’t even remember the name of the site). And the need for the Irish passport is so there’s no bother with visas, when the far-off day comes that I have enough money to go bumbling around the EU. :)

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