thinks to do, thinks to do

Boy, have a girl finish up 300+K words in early August and finish four years worth of intense writing schedule and she just feels all light and floaty and cheerful about the world! Imagine that!

So, let’s see, what do I have to do now?

do my revisions on CAULDRON
spellcheck it
turn it *in*
– write the WENDEGO HUNTS proposal, & I might as well come up with a new title for it right then, ’cause they don’t like that one
– write the IMPERATOR’S HEIR proposal
– write beatsheets for Chance 6-12
– write Chance #6
– start work on the girl/dragon proposal, if I’m feeling ambitious

If I do all that this month (which is when I need to do it) I’ll feel like I’ve done quite enough. The Cauldron stuff will get done in the next day or two (but I’m taking today OFF) and the sooner I do the proposals the better, but I’m still going to SWIM and READ as much as I want. Although not, as someone suggested, at the same time. :)

And on another note entirely, congratulations to /Elizabeth Bear for her short story Hugo! Yay!

miles to Isengard: 152.3


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