thinks to do

Thinks to do tomorrow:

1. Sign up: for art class (woot! yay! beginning drawing class! happiness! Even if it *does* meet on Tuesday nights, which means tape-delayed Buffy! Wah! But that’s okay. I can live with these small sacrifices.)

2. Mail: Geni’s books, Deirdre’s present, Ted’s parents’ presents, Janne’s presents

3. Order: Ted’s other birthday gifts, now that it’s been determined I can’t find them in town

4. Drop by: Burger King and get the Rogue toy

5. Balance: the checkbook. Ok, it’s not fun, but it’s necessary.

6. Go: to the gym! I didn’t work out at all this weekend, and I ate LOTS today. oof!

Check back tomorrow for more exciting updates! See if Kit has accomplished her tasks! *toots a horn*

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